Grant Rule™ is an apparel brand.

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WHO WE ARE. Grant Rule combines elements of street couture with a message amplified by truthful wit. Our goal is to provide a simple, comfortable, and refined casual style for men, women, and everyone in between.

FREEDOM FOUNDED BY CONFIDENCE. Grant Rule apparel is a reflection of the state of confidence our customers have chosen to exist in. They grant themselves this every day, with the choice to proudly be themselves and express themselves openly and freely. By turning the noise down on life and choosing comfort over conformity, they embrace the effortless opportunities founded by a consistent state of confidence. They are their own rulers, and only they can grant themselves this. #GrantRuleYourself

WHAT DOES GRANT RULE MEAN? Grant Rule is a double entendre. Grant, meaning to give, and Rule, meaning power, come together as “Grant Rule” — meaning empowerment. Through our designs and statements, Grant Rule empowers people with the same confidence it takes to wear a bow tie. Grant Rule is also a man, a myth, and a legend.